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Kink aware healing collectiveKink Aware Healing is a not-profit collective founded in early 2012 by Master Wolf.  The collective was founded because he saw the lack of experienced, well trained, and highly qualified health care professionals servicing the Kink, BDSM, Leather, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, Polyamorous communities.

Because Master Wolf, having worked in the mental health field, saw some of the value of the team model of case management, and because of his commitment to provide affordable mind, body and spirit healing to these target communities, Kink Aware Healing was slowly born over the course of several months.  Specific healing professionals were approached, vetted and asked to join the collective.  This process is ongoing, and the goal of Kink Aware Healing for 2013 is to expand the services offered by inviting other highly qualified practitioners to join in our efforts.

Each practitioner is a member of OUR communities, and is committed to offering services to OUR communities at rates which are discounted 30-50% from their normal going rates.  In addition, Kink Aware Healing team members are continuously and vigorously providing each other with organized cross-training, and each of our clients can avail themselves to the benefits of Case Management.  Case management is a process whereby, in our monthly meetings, we discuss clients who have authorized us to disclose amongst the healing professionals of the group.  Because, between our kink aware practitioners we have been trained in over 50 different health and wellness modalities, this is an opportunity for you, our client, to gain perspectives and options for ways to help YOU increase your health and wellness and attain your healing goals that far exceeds anything any individual healing practitioner could provide.

Additionally, each Kink Aware Healing practitioner will be working in our community to provide complimentary and/or ‘love offering’ groups to serve those in need. So be sure to watch our website closely – starting in February, 2013, we will be offering these type groups at a variety of locations in and around the Phoenix, AZ area.

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