About YOU!

It really IS all about YOU!

Each of us is different, so how our health responds to life’s challenges and how they heal is also different.

Are you experiencing challenges within a polyamorous, open or swinging relationship?  Or perhaps you are working hard to find your way building and maintaining a power or authority exchange relationship?  In challenging times, it is even more important to have trained professionals who have experience in life that can assist you in finding YOUR path.

Do you find yourself struggling with anxiety, depression or stress?  Perhaps you are feeling stuck in life, unsure of your life’s purpose or possibly working to find your way on your spiritual path?

Did you know that studies have shown that in the past 10 years over 80% of adults experience struggles with feeling stuck and suffer from situational anxiety, depression or stress?  And the majority of adults over the age of 35 report questioning what their purpose is?  You are NOT alone!

Are you a caregiver? Looking for support or guidance as you explore gender non-conformity or coming out concerns?  Wanting to live a more healthy lifestop smoking? Gain or lose weight?  Win the battle of addiction or recovery? Do you frequently feel angry or frustrated?

Do you have relationship or parenting challenges? Is your Power Exchange relationship challenged by your ‘vanilla world’? Have you suffered a loss and are working through grief?  Or perhaps the challenges of our economy have you considering a job or career change?

Whatever challenges you are facing with your health or sexuality, because our practitioners are trained in over 50 different health and wellness modalities, from counseling and coaching to reiki, hypnotherapy, massage, eastern medicine and a variety of energy healing techniques, we can work with you to create a healing plan to match both your needs AND your budget!



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