Master Wolf’s Community Bio

Master Wolf came out into the Chicago Gay community in the mid 70’s, and in 1975, was one of the leaders in the first battle of the fight for the right of gays to marry. After a many arrests for civil disobedience, and a year in the penitentiary, Master Wolf embarked on his educational journey and left Chicago to attend graduate school. It was here that he met his Sensei who introduced him to the gay Leather community and where his heart found its home. The traditions and values he learned over the next 7 years as he earned his ‘3 pieces’ of leather, have become the very core of who he is and the life he strives to live. He is passionate about sharing these traditions with others, and honoring and learning the diverse Leather traditions of his Leather brothers and sisters.  In addition to over 30 years involvement in both the Gay and Leather communities, he brings over 25 years experience in counseling, coaching, conflict management and various other health and wellness practices to serve YOU

In August 2010, Lady Lynette, Master Z (Dallas), & Mark Frazier deeply honored Master Wolf by presenting him with a Master’s Cover. This is one of Master Wolf’s most cherished piece of leather, having previously been used in the covering of Master Tallen, (International Mr. Olympus 2011), and Lady Lynette, (Northeast Master 2007 & 2008).

He has conducted classes & demonstrations at various clubs, groups, & events around the country over the years, & was honored to be selected as one of the Judges for International Master/slave Contest in 2009.

Master Wolf has also served as the Great Lakes Regional Rep for MAsT International (2009-2011),  the Director of MAsT Indianapolis from 2010 until we moved to Phoenix in Sept 2011. He is currently on Faculty with Butchmanns Academy, the Vice President of Transcending Leather Corp, the Membership Chair for National Leather Association International  He was one of the founding, Charter Members of NLA Indianapolis, a member of, and Co-Founder of Andromeda Indianapolis.

Here is a link to more information on Master Wolf’s Mind, Body, Spirit Healing Qualifications.

Here is a link to information on the Healing Services Master Wolf specializes in.