Slave Pleasure

Pleasure has been involved in the kink community since November 2008. She moved to Phoenix in 2010 after living in Prescott, AZ for over 20 years. She completed her Associates of Science Degree in Transformational Psychology in 2012 from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with certifications in Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching & Studies, and Reiki. Her continuing studies are in Shamanism and Meditation.


Pleasure’s life has always included being of service to those who just needed someone to listen to them. Once she realized the gift she had, she sought out knowledge and education so she could better serve those seeking guidance. She has survived her own struggles with self-worth and addiction, becoming a living example for those who are ready to change the way they view themselves and the world in general.

* 12 years of Sobriety
* 8 years of Domestic Violence Counseling Experience
* 8 years facilitating groups on the Healing of Self
* 5 years as a Behavioral Health Tech in a residential treatment program
* 5 years teaching and facilitating groups on Meditation & its benefits

Certifications and Education

Associates Degree: Transformational Psychology 2012 (SWIHA)
Certification: Life Coaching 2012 (SWIHA)
Certification: Spiritual Coaching & Studies 2012 (SWIHA)
Certification: Transformational Reiki 2012 (SWIHA).