5 Rite Vortex

Based on the 2,500 year old Tibetan Ritual, these exercises pre-date Yoga by over 500 years!  It was taught then that each of our Chakras, or main meridian points, begins to slow down as we age, and the Tibetan Five Rite exercises were often called ‘The Fountain of Youth’ when first reported in the western world in 1939, because the each specific exercise would increase the vortex of a specific meridian point.

I have combined the study of this ancient rite, with voice, tone and/or drum tempos that are atuned to each individual chakra.  I have found that may people, when they begin working with me on aligning their chakra vortexes, can not perform any of the exercises due to their imbalances.  And yet, within a few sessions, they have not only noticed considerable improvement in their overall vitality and peacefulness, but they have begun to flow into the exercises much more readily.

Sessions are conducted fully-clothed standing, on a massage chair and on a yoga mat.  It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing.

Your first session will usually be 90 minutes and will begin by having both your front and back vortex assessed.  The balance of the first session will be spent clearing your mind and walking through the exercises as you learn to ‘feel’ the minute changes in the balance of your vortexes.

Your second session will usually be 60 minutes, and now we will begin to add tones, vocalization and/or drums tuned to each particular vortex.

Following your second session, we will work together on tweaking your chakras as your vortexes become more aligned and it becomes easier for you to perform the exercises.  The number of sessions required will vary for each individual, but usually by the 6th-10th session you will be ready to move on your own.  On the final session, (I am always available to you for ‘tune ups’ as needed), you will receive your personalized tonal CD and instructions on performing the exercises on your own.  While you are encouraged to share the exercises with friends and family, it is NOT recommended that you share your personalized CD with them since it will be calibrated based on your OWN inner vortex spin rate and resonance.