SomaEnergetics Chakra Mini Tune-up

This tune up is designed specifically for someone who doesn’t have the time to do a full Vitality or Body Scan session, and is only available for In-Call sessions, OR for private events, gatherings, businesses etc.

This 15 minute Somaenergetics Vitality Tune Up is conducted, fully clothed, either seated on a stool or lying on a massage table or couch.  Using the Solfeggio Scale, I will work with you to get your physical body chakras moving in unison and connecting and revitalizing the flow of your life energies throughout your main meridian in harmony.

Do you have a small group, (4-10 is a great size), that meets once a month?  Or perhaps you have a small business and would like to provide a treat for your employees? Consider having me come in and provide each of your members with a mini-tune up!  At a cost of less than $20 per person, this is a great value!