SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Tuning

SomaEnergetics (Soma meaning “body” in the original Greek) is a powerful series of Sound Therapies that utilize tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio. These amazing therapies release blockages in the energy bodies, and, thus, assists one with connecting with Source. Sound healing is a way to access all levels of consciousness to free blocked energy, creating openings for personal transformation and healing.  SomaEnergetics gives you the tools to reconnect with your energy potential by using the sounds of the Ancient Solfeggio frequencies, bringing balance and harmony into your life.  Bringing these powerful frequencies back into use has been an amazing experience.

SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Tuning – A SomaEnergetics Vibrational Energy Vitality Tuning activates the energy in the root energy center and raises it up through the other centers to awaken and balance them allowing the energy to flow freely.  Sessions are usually 60 minutes and are conducted fully clothed on a massage table. Sessions begin with an affirmation and use of the “OM” tuner to take away the stresses of the day. You will then experience the Energy Vitality Technique, which can assist you in opening your energy centers and raising your energy level from survival to optimum vitality.