Coaching & Counseling

Currently, Kink Aware Healing has two certified, highly qualified and experienced Coaching and Counseling Professionals available to assist you!


What is Coaching, you may ask?  Coaching, unlike psychotherapy, focuses on helping you vitalize your present and visualize and actualize your FUTURE.  Psychotherapy, on the other hand, focuses attention on issues in your past and how those may impact on your present.  Counseling is usually a combination of the two modalities, with primary focus being on challenges in your present life and assisting you in developing the skills and resources to overcome those challenges so that you are able to step forward empowered on your life path.  Body Psychology is a non-invasive somatic technique that treats the whole person, integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit, enabling therapists and clients to do deeper more meaningful work in less time with more lasting results. BP integrates the best approaches from Eastern and Western psychological, physiological and spiritual body-mind theories and practices into a highly efficient and effective somatic implementation model for psychotherapy.

Each Coach or Counselor has their individual specialties and are focused on providing individualized services for individuals, couples and groups.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Alternative Sexuality
  • Business & Career
  • Family & Couple
  • Gender Identity
  • Health & Wellness
  • Life Coaching
  • Power Exchange Relationship
  • Recovery and Addiction
  • Relationship
  • Sexuality & Sexual Orientation
  • Spiritual Counseling & Coaching
  • Stress Management

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